The Right Coin

Market Place

Secondary market trading for all ICO’s, one registration, one wallet, quick and easy trades with added market data available.

The Right Coin

aims to be the market place for companies intending to launch their ICO Currency.

Block Chain technology is going to be a standard underpinning of company technology in the future and through The Right Coin will build a company that seeks to help bring this marvel in technological engineering to more and more businesses, processes and opportunities.

ICO Currency Marketplace
Ico equity Crowd funding

The number of new ICOs expected in 2018 alone is expected to treble from 2017, this is similar to the trend in equity Crowd funding five years ago. It is bringing a whole new way for companies to raise money through a more decentralized and independent offering, to a worldwide audience. Companies contemplating an ICO offering are currently fraught with issues.

All of these issues could inhibit a lot of companies that could raise capital via token issuance through their own ICO not. There has also been the issues of fraud surrounding some foreign ICOs that have been marketed.

Any ICO that we help launch will be on our secondary market ready to trade!