Trade Crypto

With so many different platforms offering various deals and incentives to trade crypto, what sets out The Right Coin from the rest? Let us tell you all the details.

Trade Crypto: About Right Coin

The Right Coin is a dividend paying token, which works as a crowd funder for ICOs and will take a fee in tokens and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and hundreds of others.

We will also offer discounts to The Right Coin holders in ICO placings such as trading on our white label platforms for products such as Contracts for Difference (CFD), Foreign Exchange (FX) and synthetic trading products such as cash for crypto.

Trade Crypto: Taking Blockchain to the next level

Here at The Right Coin, it’s our plan to trade crypto and take it to the next level. Our security systems mean a new block chain offering greater levels of security and safety for all your crypto currencies featuring multi level encryption and improved user keys.

Trade Crypto: The Right Coin Wallet

Our wallet means you can hold all your cryptocurrencies in one place- so you’ve only got one place to go to trade cryptocurrency. You can change your cryptocurrency for other tokens or convert to Fiat Currency in real time, which is great for fast paced transactions and trading opportunities.

Trade Crypto: The Market Place

Our market place offers secondary market trading for all ICOs, with one registration and one wallet allowing quick and easy trades with added market data available.

Trade Crypto: Regulation

The Right Coin is built to be safe, secure and regulated- so with us you can trade cryptocurrency in the knowledge that whatever tomorrow brings, your cryptocurrency won’t suffer. We’re built to be ahead of the curve with planned regulation with AML checks, client classifications, added security on our systems- all under the FCA banner. It’s likely that in the future to trade crypto will come under regulation, and with The Right Coin you can be sure whatever happens, we’re ready and so will you be.

Trade Crypto- Our Offer

Invest in The Right Crowd today and receive one Right Coin token for free. The first £5,000 only to receive this offer, after which it will be three times the price to receive the tokens.

Remember with The Right Coin you can trade in hundreds of cryptocurrencies- investments can be made via and FIAT currency or bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and hundreds of others. Whatever your coin, there’s a chance you can trade it with The Right Coin. Choose us and start today!